How Motorized Patio Screens Make Your Patio More Useful And Enjoyable

Patio screens allow you to use your patio more frequently since the screens keep out annoying bugs in the summer. However, there may be times when you enjoy being on your patio and having it completely open with no screen between you and the view. A way to have the best of both options is to install motorized patio screens that you can retract when you want them out of the way. Here's how motorized patio screens increase your enjoyment of outdoor living and how the screens are installed.

How Motorized Patio Screens Are Beneficial

A big advantage of screens on your patio is to keep bugs out so you can enjoy dining outside in the evening or sitting with guests and not be bitten by mosquitoes. Without screens, you may have to limit the use of your patio to daytime hours when insects aren't as bad. You may be driven indoors when dusk falls and mosquito activity picks up unless you have screens for a wall of protection against bugs. You can close the screens with a remote control or even with a smartphone app if you're not home at the time, so they are easy and convenient to use.

Patio screens also provide shade. You can use them as sun shades if your patio faces the sun in the afternoon and gets too hot. You don't even have to lower the screens all the way. You can lower them just enough to filter the sun or close them all the way. Both options allow a cooling breeze to blow through the screen. Some motorized patio screens have smart features so that they can close automatically when they sense the sun.

By having this feature, the screens will protect your patio furniture and decrease the solar heating of your home every time the sun shines on your patio. You don't even have to remember to lower the screens since it happens automatically. Of course, you also have the option of keeping the screens lowered all the time for the most sun and bug protection. But if you like to open and close the screens, you'll appreciate having the motorized variety so you don't have to tug or roll down the screens every time you want to change their position.

How Motorized Screens Are Installed

Motorized patio screens are custom made for your home so that they can fit any weirdly sized openings you may have. You can actually use these screens in your garage and even on French doors. They work by rolling along tracks on the sides of the opening. The housing can be mounted inside your patio or on the outside.

When the screens are up, they are out of sight so that they don't detract from the beauty of your outdoor living space. To lower a screen, you press a button and the screen lowers to the exact position you want. The screens can function independently so that you can lower them on one side to block the sun and leave them open on the other side.

To learn more, contact a supplier that carries motorized patio screens.

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