Why Has Your Garage Door Slowed Down?

Garage doors should open and close at a steady pace. However, they sometimes slow down for no obvious reason.

If you feel that your door's operating speed is slower than it should be, then you should investigate the problem. Slow operating speeds can be a sign of a fault with the door or its opening system.

Why do garage doors sometimes run too slowly?

Lubrication Problems

Garage door systems need lubrication in various places. A well-oiled door will run smoothly and at the correct speed. If your door's tracks, hinges, brackets, and moving parts aren't lubricated enough, then the door might start to slow down. It has to put more effort into opening and closing if it can't run smoothly. This extra effort affects its operating speed.

Speed Control Problems

Garage door systems have speed controls. These controls dictate how fast a door can open and close. Your installation company probably set your control speed when they put in your system. If your door operates more slowly now, then your speed setting might have changed. Someone might have accidentally switched to a lower setting. Or, the unit might have a fault.

Track Problems

Garage doors run on tracks when they open and close. These tracks contain rollers that help the door move through the track evenly and smoothly. If you have a track or roller problem, then your door might slow down. Dirt in a track can prevent the door from opening as quickly as it should; the dirt slows it down. Or, misaligned or bent tracks or rollers can reduce the door's speed. For example, if a roller is stuck or out of position, then it won't move as fast as usual. It will slow down the door when it opens or closes.

Spring Problems

Your garage door uses springs when it opens or closes. These springs create the power to pull the door up or lower it. To work correctly, springs need a set amount of tension. However, springs can lose some tension as they get older and start to wear. If a spring has lost tensioning power, then it might still be able to operate the door. However, the door might not run as quickly if the spring takes longer to build up enough tension to move it.

If you're concerned about your door's speed, then contact a garage door repair service. They can work out what is wrong and suggest a suitable fix.

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