Commercial Garage Door Problems You May Need to Repair

Commercial garage doors can make it easy for vehicles to enter and leave enclosed garages, trucks to unload their products into a receiving area and for the ventilation of the business to rapidly be increased. Unfortunately, commercial garage door systems are not impervious to malfunctions, and businesses can find themselves unprepared for a few of the problems that may be the most common.

Safety Sensor Malfunctions

To prevent a garage door from closing on people or equipment, they will have safety sensors that will stop the doors from closing when something is in their path. There are a number of problems that may prevent these sensors from being able to effectively work. For example, the sensors could become coated in a layer of dust, which may block the infrared laser. Additionally, if these sensors get bumped, they may get knocked out of alignment. When problems are occurring with the sensors, the door may fail to close, and this can lead to the door partially closing before reopening.

Track Corrosion and Warping

The tracks that support the commercial garage door can be another component that may experience sizeable failures. Corrosion and warping are two of the most frequently encountered issues for garage door tracks, and they can have devastating effects on the system. For example, these damages can lead to the door getting jammed, which may make the warping worse due to the pressure that the weight of the door is putting on it. Corrosion can make the risks of the tracks warping much greater as the corrosion can weaken the metal. As a result, it may be more likely to give way under the weight of having to support the garage door. Repairing these problems when they are still minor may allow for you to limit the extent of the repairs to only replacing a single section of the tracks. Waiting to have this work done can allow the damage to impact an increasing number of the sections of tracks, which could eventually require the entire railing system to be replaced.

Faulty Locking System

Securing your garage doors will be essential for preventing individuals from entering the business without permission. To this end, these doors will be equipped with strong locking systems that can prevent the door from opening. In addition to locking the door itself, these systems may even lock the opener so that the door can not easily be forced to open. If the locking system is showing signs of problems, such as difficulty locking or unlocking, repairs should be scheduled promptly to avoid a total lock failure and the security risks this could pose.

To learn more about commercial garage door repairs, contact a garage door service in your area.

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