What To Do When Your Garage Door Won't Open

If you have an automatic garage door on your home, it can be frustrating to push the button to open the door and have it not function. There are some things you can try to get the door open, but calling a garage door service or repair company is your best option if you can't get the door open. 

Check Your Batteries

If you push the button on the garage door opener remote in your car and nothing happens, check and replace the batteries in the remote and see if the door opens. If it doesn't, you need to check the button inside the garage and see if the opener is working correctly with it. 

If the door does not open from inside the garage either, you may have a problem with the opener, and it is time to call a repair service. If you need to open the door in the meant time, you can find the red rope on the opener and pull it to disconnect the door from the track. You can now open the door manually until the opener is fixed, but remember to use the manual lock inside the garage door to secure the door. 

Checking for Electricity

When the garage door tech arrives, they will check the opener to see if it is working and if there is electricity flowing to it as well. If there is no power to the door opener, the tech will check the breakers and see what is going on. 

If the electricity is on, you may have a problem with the safety beam at the base of the door. If the beam is broken or the sensors are out of alignment, the door should open and not move, but if the circuit broke when the door was closed, it is possible that the door will not operate at all. 

Binding or Dragging

If the door opener is working but not able to move the door, you may have a section of the track that is binding when the door is in motion. The tech can check the tracks for twists or damage to the rollers, brackets, or panels on the door. Any part of the assembly that is out of alignment could drag as the door is trying to open, and the strain on the opener could trip the clutch in the opener and stop the door from moving. 

Once the tech determines where the problem is, they will make the adjustments needed to get your door working again. If you maintain the door with regular checks, the door company can keep your door working correctly for you. Call a repair company to ask about their garage door services if you are having trouble getting your door to open.

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