Essential Garage Door Repairs You Shouldn't Ignore

Your garage door might be the most-used door in your house. It's certainly the biggest and heaviest. Therefore, if the door isn't functioning the way it should, your entrance and exit from home are impacted. Below are some essential repairs you need to keep the door running.

Broken Spring

The garage door tension spring is an important part of its function. It provides the lifting force for the heavy garage door. As such, the spring is under enormous tension. If the spring breaks, your garage door won't lift. If it does lift, it may only do so about six inches. When you try to open the door manually, you should feel how heavy the garage door is. If you're operating the door when the spring breaks, you may hear a loud bang. All of these signs tell you it's time to call for a spring replacement.

Sagging Door

A similar garage door problem is if it starts sagging. You may notice that one side hangs lower than the other side. This issue is also related to the tension springs. The door is mounted with a system of springs, cables, and pulleys. Because the springs are under such tremendous pressure, they can wear out unevenly. When that happens, the side of the door with the worn spring can start to sag. You need to have your door counter-balanced. The Spruce advises you may need spring replacement in this case, too.

Cracked or Broken Hinges

The most common type of residential garage door is sectional. The sections are held together by hinges, which allow the door to roll up like an accordion when it opens. As with any moving part, the hinges can wear out over time, especially if they haven't been lubricated regularly. They can develop cracks or even break entirely. When that happens, they need to be replaced to keep the door functioning safely.

Dented or Broken Panels

The main materials for garage doors are aluminum, steel, wood, and vinyl. The materials vary in their durability. However, they can become dented or broken from an impact. Many dents are just cosmetic. However, dented or broken panels can affect the viability of your door. They can be a potential point of entry for would-be intruders or even pests. Garage door technicians can usually repair or replace the affected panels.

Bent Tracks

Similar types of events can affect the tracks themselves, which house the rollers for the door movement. You may see the actual bent tracks if they're bad enough. Otherwise, you may just notice the door jerks or makes noise when it opens. If the track is only bent slightly, you might be able to repair it yourself. However, the metal is thin, and you don't want to risk breaking the tracks.

Call a garage door repair company, such as Edgemont Garage Door Service, if you have any of the above issues.

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