Three Maintenance Tips For A Rattling And Banging Garage Door

When properly installed and maintained, a garage door will open and close smoothly with minimal noise. A door that has begun rattling and banging as it moves could be caused by several different components of your garage door system, but thorough inspection and maintenance of your door tracks, springs, and garage door opener can fix your problem quickly.

Have Your Tracks Aligned

If your door moves by way of rollers in tracks, it's possible the banging sounds could be caused by the door tracks not being aligned properly. Over time these tracks can slowly move out of place, and when this happens, the rollers on each side of the door will no longer be moving at the same pace or in the same direction. This can cause tension to build up as the rollers press or pull against the tracks on one or both sides, and when that tension is released, the door will make a banging sound.

One symptom of misaligned tracks is a door that won't open and close smoothly. If it jolts around as it moves up or down or alternatives between moving quickly and slowly, your tracks could be your culprit. Call a professional to have your tracks inspected and realigned. While they're at it, they can also look at the rollers themselves to make sure none of them are stuck. If they need lubrication or replacement, they could cause similar tension.

Check Your Springs

When your garage door moves, the bulk of its weight is being supported by your garage door springs, not your garage door opener. Good springs should last you nearly a decade, but as they begin to weaken, they'll start to lose their ability to move your door smoothly. When more of the weight falls to your garage door opener, the door can rattle as the opener struggles to move the additional weight.

Check for signs of wear and damage to your springs. This may not be immediately noticeable, so even if your springs look fine, it's still worth calling a technician to take a look just in case. Working with garage door springs can also be dangerous, which is all the more reason to ask a professional to take care of this for you.

Inspect Your Garage Door Opener

While most of a garage door's weight is supported by springs, your garage door opener itself still plays an important role by pushing and pulling your door open and closed. When your opener gets old, the parts inside, like the gear and sprocket that is responsible for moving chain-driven systems, can break or wear out. Some models use plastic gears, and as these wear down, they start to lose their grip on the chain. When this happens, the door will slip before being caught again, which can look and sound like rattling and banging.

Even systems with metal gears can have problems, especially if the gear is crooked or off balance. Look for signs like a chain that sags low when it's not in use or one that appears to jolt around as it moves. Ask your technician to look at your garage door opener to make sure it's working safely.

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