Three Signs You Need A Garage Repair Professional

Garage doors are a home accessory many homeowners rely on daily. Whether you have a garage that stores your hobby supplies or daily driving vehicles, you need a functioning garage door to allow you access. Taking the time to maintain your door throughout the year can help you avoid the need for frequent repairs. Learning more about how the door operates can help you know what might be wrong and when it's time to call for help. Here are three signs you might need a garage door repair service ASAP:

Garage Door Opener Clicking

If you push the button to open your garage door and have a blinking light or repetitive clicking sound, it's time to call for help. There are a number of reasons your door might be malfunctioning and a professional can help you diagnose. This reaction can be triggered by garage door sensors that become misaligned at the base of the door. Most times it is due to a circuit board going bad in your overhead unit. This can happen if your garage experiences a strong power surge that fries the board. Find someone who is familiar with your brand of garage door opener and overhead unit to get help right away.

Door Won't Open

If your garage door refuses to open automatically or even manually, it's probably time for a new garage door spring. The spring is one of the most important components of your garage door system. The tension in the spring allows the door to open and close. When the spring breaks, it can be dangerous to have a garage door experience such a big change in tension, especially if anyone is nearby. Sometimes the tension can be adjusted without the need for a whole new spring. Find someone who specializes in garage door repairs to help take a look.

Bent Tracks

If you have any dents, bends, or dings in your garage door track, you need a professional ASAP. Garage tracks can get damaged when things block your garage door or get lodged in the tracks near the roller paths. If the tracks are damaged, this means your garage door could come tumbling down. Avoiding bodily and property damage is crucial. Do not try to operate the door if you notice any changes in the tracks or rollers. 

Get familiar with your garage door, and find a professional who will take the time to teach you about the repair. Homeowners who are informed can save themselves a lot of hassle and money.

If you have additional questions or need help right away, contact a local garage door repair service.

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