Simple Garage Door Repairs To Quieten Noisy Doors

Do you squirm every time the garage doors open or close because of their terrible noise? Noisy garage doors happen from time to time, and you will have to deal with them. Ignoring the noise will only make it worse. The noise can become very loud, to disturbing levels that wake the people inside when you drive in at night. But it is easy to quieten the noise with garage door repair and maintenance tips.

Tighten Loose Moving Parts

Are you hearing more rattling noises than expected? It is a sign that there are loose components. Garage doors make many up/down cycles that loosen nuts and bolts gradually. The track mechanism also becomes loose with time. All these parts need tightening and securing to reduce the vibrations and noise. Excessive rattling may also be a sign of worn-out roller bearings. Have them inspected and replaced by a garage door technician if necessary.

Apply Lube on the Door Moving Parts

Much of the noise comes from moving parts grinding against other metal parts with friction. Lubrication is important for all moving metal parts. The hinges are the usual suspects, and they are easy to lube. You need a garage door repair service to reach the springs. They should also open the chain assembly and lube the chain. You should lubricate garage doors at least twice a year, to protect moving parts and keep the noise down.

Install Anti-vibration Pads

Anti-vibration pads reduce vibrations and hence the noise. You install these pads in the door tracks and the opener. The vibration does not completely go away, but it keeps the noise down to a comfortable level.

Replace Metal Rollers With Nylon Rollers

Most homeowners prefer metal rollers because they are cheap and easy to maintain. Most garage doors come with them in default. But they make a lot of noise, especially when unlubricated. Nylon rollers are more expensive, but they make less noise. They come with sealed ball bearings that cut down the noise. Engage a garage door service to swap metal rollers with nylon ones. It can be a hefty investment, but it is worth it. You will cut down on the maintenance time and costs. It will also reduce the noise to an almost inaudible level for the people in the house. Is the noise from your garage doors unbearable? Engage a garage door service to do these simple repairs and cut the disturbance.

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