Three Advantages of Using Hinged Garage Doors

When people think about a residential garage door, most of them picture a door made up of a number of different panels and opens by rolling vertically. This conventional type of garage door is popular and offers many advantages, but it's not the only option you have to consider if you're ready to replace your existing garage door or you're planning to build a new garage. Another option is to choose hinged garage doors, which consist of a pair of doors that are built on hinges so that they swing open, rather than roll up. Here are some advantages of opting for this garage door style.

They Open Quietly

When you roll up a conventional garage door, you'll always be aware of the sound that it makes. Whether you use a powered garage door opener or you open the door by hand, the sound of it rolling along its tracks can often be quite loud. This may not be an issue for everyone, but it's not ideal for certain families. If you or your significant other does shift work, one of you may leave the home or come back home while the other is asleep. Hinged garage doors open and close very quietly, so you can confidently use this type of door without waking anyone who is trying to sleep.

They Can Add A Traditional Look

If you like the idea of your home's exterior having a traditional style, hinged garage doors can be a good visual fit. This can be especially true if you choose doors that have a traditional style, for example, wooden doors with wrought iron style hardware on them. Traditional barns, carriage houses, and other structures used hinged doors rather than roll-up doors, and your choice of door can share some visual similarities with doors from the past.

They're Available With Different Splits

Hinged garage doors that each occupy 50 percent of the garage's opening are popular, but there are other types that may be more appealing to you. Instead of doors with a 50/50 split, consider a pair in which one door takes up a third of the opening and the other takes up the remaining two-thirds. This scenario can be ideal if you don't plan to park a car in your garage, which means that you'll seldom need to open both doors. Instead, you may prefer using the smaller of the two doors as a pedestrian door to get in and out of the garage.

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