Signs Your Garage Door Springs Are Broken

Your garage door might be the main entry and exit point of your home, and as such, your family members have to use it several times a day. Unfortunately, the frequent use will take a toll on your garage door, thus causing malfunctions. In most cases, your garage door springs might be the first parts to give in to the daily wear and tear. 

Considering how much you depend on your garage door, you should always look for any signs of broken garage door springs. Some key signs to look for include the following:

Garage Door Falls Too Quickly

Garage doors are designed to close at a slow pace to avoid causing accidents. However, the pace at which your door closes will be determined by the springs and cables. If the springs and cables become too loose, expect your garage door to come crashing down once you press the close button. Broken or loose garage door springs might be the cause of your door slamming, and you should call a professional to repair them before an accident happens.

Unusual Noises

As your springs wear out, they'll lose their tension and strain a lot whenever you open or close the door. Unfortunately, the constant strain on the springs will ultimately cause loud noises every time you close or open your garage door. 

In most cases, failing springs will produce squealing, groaning, or popping sounds. However, ensure that you assess the door before concluding that your door springs are behind the noises.

Springs Have Gaps

If your garage door springs have gaps between them, it could be a sign that they are broken. The gap is created when the springs snap in the middle causing the two sides to separate. When the torsion spring snaps, it means it can no longer perform its duty. Torsion springs break due to excessive stretching, old age, or corrosion. 

Garage Door Looks Crooked or Uneven When Raised or Lowered

Some garage doors have springs on either side of the center rail. As such, you should expect your garage door to open and close evenly as long as both springs are working. 

If one spring breaks, the other spring will carry all the weight because the broken one isn't pulling the door. The garage door will close or open unevenly due to the imbalance caused. 

Unfortunately, the imbalance could cause the door to come off the tracks. You should avoid using the door until you call for garage door springs repair services. 

Other signs are:

  • The garage door is heavier than usual
  • Dangling or broken cables
  • Door closes slowly 
  • The door won't open entirely.

For more information, reach out to a company like Certified Garage Door Inc.  

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